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Artificial Leather

Classic Leather Series:

Focus on details and a sense of leather, through a variety of processes and coordinations , exhibits from the natural visual impact and a sense of harmony, elegant appearance and soft comfort of natural binding.

Metalic Animal texture series:

Perfectly combined with high-end technology and the art of fashion, emphasizing the beauty and rare animal texture, beautifully match elegant metallic colors, emitting a unique and wild charm.

Exquisite Cork Series:

Reflecting the natural pursuit of life, integrated inspiration from nature with fashion elements, a variety of high-tech process, first-class quality and overall application performance, feeling life is so beautiful.

Rough leisure series:

Breaking the shackles and oppression, reflecting the fashion of modern and fast life, processing materials with adventurous print, brushing, leather appearance, aided by a sense of nature skin-color, perfectly show personality.